INNOCAT/KIC (2019-2020)

Pending projects

Heavy vehicles built before the introduction of Euro V and VI standards still drive through European cities, as the relatively low mileage of public vehicles lags behind in need of replacement. Such vehicles represent an important part of air pollution.

Goals of INNOCAT project?

  • Expand innovation in the field of recycling and replacement of platinum group metals in automotive catalysts. We envisage recycling PGM in old catalysts and installing new technology that replaces 60% of PGM with copper nanoparticles.
  • Upgrading existing environmentally less and less acceptable fleets of publicly owned companies with innovative catalyst technology.
  • Creating communities and innovation ecosystems that will encourage the creation of new companies and further business development based on the potential of the above-mentioned technology.

Upgrading is definitely a more cost-effective solution than replacing entire fleets. The expectation of economic and environmental benefits through the INNOCAT pilot test is intended to stimulate political and financial support from public ESEE bodies for the development of territorial ecosystems for recycling and replacement of PGM in automotive catalysts.

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