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Climate change is also causing hydrological risks and urban cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to floods. Consumption of drinking water is increasing, and consequently the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated is also increasing, all of which threatens the security of future water supplies.

Goals of City water circle:

  • Assist municipalities in reforming outdated urban water infrastructure systems using a circular economy approach that offers many economic and environmental benefits.
  • Promote a culture of water saving, including the use of unconventional water resources.
  • Take advantage of urban rainwater to restore water at the city level.

Partners are creating a knowledge base for urban circular water management. This will be available as a digital learning center for anyone who wants to manage water more sustainably. Smaller pilots are also part of the project, with Mariborski vodovod carrying out a pilot in Maribor, in which he will connect it with Nigrad’s already acquired Cinderela project as an exceptional added value of the project.

More about the project: