URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD (2018-2021)

Pending projects

Waste is becoming an increasing challenge in urban environments – we all generate it, and the potential for recycling is underutilized. In Maribor, all biological waste is currently outsourced for processing, which means that the city is losing their potential.

Goals of Urban soil 4 food:

  • Use municipal waste as a source for producing fertile soil.
  • Increasing local food self-sufficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Leave a sustainable footprint in the city – urban gardens and use them to enable residents to grow their own food.

Eight project partners, including the Wcycle Institute Maribor, are developing safe and certified land with secondary energy production. In the project, we have already established urban gardens under Pekrska Gorca, which are cultivated by 66 tenant gardeners who do not pay rent for renting the land. We have also set up a digital platform where local demand and local food supply meet.

More about the project: https://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/maribor