Circular economy

We are saving non-renewable natural resources, so we are looking for ways to recycle and reuse them.

Consumption of natural resources

With circular approach we ensure the reduction of environmental pollution in the City of Maribor and in the region.

European projects

Europe is investing in the development of circular economy. We carry out circular projects in Maribor with our partners.

Cooperative economy

We are committed to development and research, finding partners, projects and sources of funding.


URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD (2018-2021)

The main goal of the project is to use municipal waste as a resource for the production of urban soil in order to increase local food self-sufficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.

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INNOCAT/KIC (2019-2020)

With the use of innovative catalyst technology we wish to upgrade existing fleets of publicly owned companies and increase their environmental acceptability.

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DEAR Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for...

As part of the DEAR program, we are raising awareness of the importance of local food with the aim of reducing environmental impacts.

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HORIZON 2020 (2018-2021)

CINDERELA connects various industries that generate the most industrial waste globally and develops a new circular economy business model (CEBM) for the use of secondary raw materials.

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ESPON (2020)

In Maribor, as a partner city, we want to explore how the concept of collaborative economy is actually implemented, developed and where the additional potentials are in this area.

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The project deals with research and development of strategies (regional, national and European) in the field of reuse of (various) water in urban areas.

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The goal of WINPOL project is to improve waste management policies by promoting the use of intelligent equipment and planning, consequently reducing the amount of waste collected in the city.

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GREENCYCLE (2018-2020)

The goal of GREENCYCLE project was to introduce the circular economy system as an integrated approach to support the implementation of strategies to reduce carbon emissions in the air and to provide an additional 2-4% reduction in greenhouse gas...

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